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We, Aesthetics Fury, exist to innovate, to create, and to help people feel empowered and achieve their fitness goals by taking them to a higher performance level.



Aesthetics Fury Logo


Aesthetics Fury is a fashionable Men’s and Women’s fitness clothing brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in France, founded in 2019.


In the beginning, we were selling our apparel on Amazon. Customers were all the time making good reviews about the quality of our products. When it came to shipping, we were sometimes getting negative ones from people who live in Asia and Africa. Shipping basically took too many days to arrive from there because we have had only one warehouse and it was in the US. So to make the shipping process better, we had to get a new warehouse in Europe and make our own online store, so our customers would always be satisfied.


We ship our products worldwide, from North America (The United States) and Europe (Latvia and Spain). We also use different posting services so our customers are free to choose how they want their products to be delivered.